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Termination Services

  • Array of rate plans to fit your specific traffic needs, TNCI’s domestic USA termination solutions provide carriers and service providers with a scalable and cost-effective means to send traffic to destinations across the country.
  • Groundbreaking SIP-based routing technology allows TNCI to offer the most competitive, high quality and reliable value-priced routes available, designed to suit the specific requirements of your pricing objectives and your individual traffic, quality and end-user profiles.

Origination Services

  • Comprehensive local DID access coverage throughout the TNCI footprint, including nearly 100% of the AT&T and Verizon service areas in California and Texas. We offer one of the deepest footprints on the west coast, with over 600 rate centers in both CA and TX alone. Our network footprint covers over 9,000 rate centers nationwide and approximately 87% of the U.S. population.
  • TNCI aggregates incoming calls from multiple rate centers across multiple LATAs. By co-locating your equipment with TNCI, you can achieve network-wide coverage without having to locate equipment in every LATA, which means explosive growth for your business without explosive cost.
  • Toll-free aggregation with connection to the PSTN throughout the TNCI footprint from a single connection to allow companies to offer toll-free service to customers throughout the United States.